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Get Answers To Your Questions about Wap Trade Stocks

Have any questions about Wap Trade Stocks? Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Our Company

Join Wap Trade in 3 Easy steps.

1. From the home page, click join us or click on log in button and proceed to create an account.

2. Fill in your correct details, and you will get a verification email to your account. verify your account then log in.

3.Once you Login, you will be directed to your account dashboard

How to start your investment journey

1. On your account dashboard, click on add funds/Deposit

2. Select  our payment method which is USDT, pick address, then select Pay now

3. You will be directed to our USDT address, Copy that address and send USDT to it.

4. Once you have paid, click on Confirm Now, Your account will be updated within an hour once confirmation is done.

1. To Invest in our Plan, Click on Invest/Plan

2. Select our Investment plan Then click Invest Now

3. You will receive a notification that your investment has been booked. Wait for the return profits. You can monitor your profits generating under this section.

1. On your dashboard,  Click on payout

2. Enter the amount to withdraw and Your USDT-BEP20 Address where the funds will be sent.

3. Select the account to withdraw From (main account or interest account)

4. Click confirm. The funds will be sent to your Bitcoin Address within 3 hours.

In case of any difficulties,  raise a support ticket from your account