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World's biggest profits on Stocks Investment!!

Wap Trade Stocks!

At Wap Trade Stocks Investment Company, we offer an exceptional investment opportunity that combines the potential of stock markets with an attractive earning structure. Our goal is to help you maximize your profits while building a strong network of referrals, creating a win-win situation for all participants.

Our investment program guarantees a generous 2% profit with a 5 days renewable contract on your invested capital. 

We understand the importance of consistent returns, and our commitment to delivering reliable profits sets us apart. Whether you are an experienced investor or new to the world of trading, our investment program provides a secure and lucrative opportunity for you to grow your wealth.

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Welcome to Wap Trade Stocks Investment Company!

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Maximizing Profits with Top Stock Trading Firms!

At Wap Trade Stocks Investment and Trade Company, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the financial market, providing our clients with unparalleled investment opportunities and expert guidance. Our mission is simple: to help our clients achieve their financial goals by strategically investing with the best stock trading companies in the industry.

We understand that the key to successful investing lies in partnering with the right brokerage firms that offer cutting-edge technology, reliable services, and a proven track record of delivering impressive returns. As such, we have carefully curated a roster of top-notch stock trading companies that have consistently demonstrated their prowess in the dynamic and ever-changing world of finance.

Examples of Stock Trading Companies We Partner With:

Fidelity Investments



JP Morgan Self-Directed Investing

At Waptrade, we prioritize transparency and personalized service. Our team of experienced financial advisors works closely with each client, understanding their unique objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. By combining our expertise with the prowess of the best stock trading companies, we strive to deliver unparalleled results and help our clients navigate the complexities of the financial market with confidence.

We invite you to embark on a rewarding investment journey with us.

Happy Trading!


Enjoy great returns and referral bonuses!

In addition to our profit-sharing system, we offer an enticing referral program. As a member of  Wap Trade Stocks Investment Company, you earn a direct referral commission of 3% for every investor you bring on board. But it doesn't stop there – we also offer a second-level referral commission of 1.5% and a third-level referral commission of 1% on your downlines' investments.

To further add the on the sweetness of our business, we offer rebates in investments done by your downlines.

Here is a tabulation of our reward scheme.

Level 1 Direct sponsorship Bonus: 3%

Level 2 indirect sponsorship Bonus:1.5%

Level 3 Indirect sponsorship Bonus: 1%
Level 1 profit rebate: 12%

Level 2 profit rebate: 10%

Level 3 profit rebate: 8%

Expert Management of Risk

Our dedicated and experienced traders and Highly intelligent bots trades with competitive lots in the market trends with ample knowledge of the stocks markets. Our support team is available to address your questions and assist you in maximizing your investment potential.

Secure Investment

As a registered trademark, we believe in delivering honest and transparent information on every matter involving your account with us. We provide timely reactions on matters raised in all Support tickets raised.

Verified Security

At Wap Trade Stocks Investment Company, transparency and trust are of utmost importance to us. We provide detailed reports of your earnings and referral commissions, keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Instant Withdrawal

Enjoy fast withdrawals execution on our platform. All withdrawals are processed within 24 hours upon request.

Registered Company

  1. Our company is registered in United States and UK. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Companies House (UK) registered us duly so as to have access to a larger market, strategic partnerships and favorable business environment.


Investor's Docket

Earn upto 2% profit in our renewable 5 days contract on your invested capital. This profit is purely generated from our trade profits derived from the pool of all investors. A solid trade system is put in place by our traders with the help of our trade bots hence maintaining risk management at its best.

Investment Plan

USDT20 - USDT100000


Every Day

Profit For Every Day

Capital will back : Yes

Total 10 % + Capital

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Referral Bonus Level

Get On First Level Refferal Commission

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Level 1 Instant 3%

Bonus Reward

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Level 2 Instant 1.5%

Bonus Reward

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Level 3 Instant 1%

Bonus Reward


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Get Answers To Your Questions about Wap Trade Stocks

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Join Wap Trade in 3 Easy steps.

1. From the home page, click join us or click on log in button and proceed to create an account.

2. Fill in your correct details, and you will get a verification email to your account. verify your account then log in.

3.Once you Login, you will be directed to your account dashboard

How to start your investment journey

1. On your account dashboard, click on add funds/Deposit

2. Select  our payment method which is USDT, pick address, then select Pay now

3. You will be directed to our USDT address, Copy that address and send USDT to it.

4. Once you have paid, click on Confirm Now, Your account will be updated within an hour once confirmation is done.

1. To Invest in our Plan, Click on Invest/Plan

2. Select our Investment plan Then click Invest Now

3. You will receive a notification that your investment has been booked. Wait for the return profits. You can monitor your profits generating under this section.

1. On your dashboard,  Click on payout

2. Enter the amount to withdraw and Your USDT-BEP20 Address where the funds will be sent.

3. Select the account to withdraw From (main account or interest account)

4. Click confirm. The funds will be sent to your Bitcoin Address within 3 hours.

In case of any difficulties,  raise a support ticket from your account


Deposit Gateways

We Accept Payments through USDT only (Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 Network)